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First Call of Duty: World at War trailer to roll onto XBL

Jason Dobson

With Treyarch-developed Call of Duty: World at War recently unveiled by the UK's Official Xbox Magazine, you may be asking yourself when footage of the game's darker "new military theater" will be yours for the watching. Now Microsoft has announced that the game's reveal trailer will premiere over Xbox Live this weekend worldwide, giving gamers a first look at "the darkest corners of WWII."

Being built upon a refined version of the same engine that powers Call of Duty 4, World at War is expected to emphasize fear and tackle darker themes than those in earlier titles. Interestingly, today's trailer announcement notes that the video will be available over the Xbox Live Marketplace from June 21-22, suggesting that players on platforms such as the PS3 or PC may be able to poke their heads up from the trenches to watch it soon afterward, though nothing has yet been announced.

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