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Garmin Nuvifone touched, prodded, abused, initial UI reports are positive


It's about time someone got his hands on a working Garmin Nuvifone. The folks at Laptop Magazine were lucky enough to spend some time with a prototype, reporting that the interface was snappy, the screen is nice and big, and the UI appears to be very GPS-centric. They tried the QWERTY keypad which is "spacious enough" and uses an auto-complete dictionary. The main interface presents a row of icons for calling, searching, and mapping, and finger swipes stream them across the screen. Included apps, at least in this model, were SMS, Google Search, email, and media player. All said, some apps didn't load properly and some of the display units were frozen in bug limbo, but we'll give Garmin a pass there as these were clearly early test units. So a couple questions remain: Is it still coming out Q3 of this year, and will it still run $499? Is it coming in white? Follow the read link for more impressions and hands-on pictures.

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