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Lost Planet movie possibly in the pipeline


With big budget action flicks making all sorts of money this summer, and with Hollywood's constant searching for the next big thing, we shouldn't be to surprised to hear that another videogame movie could be coming our way. Honestly though, this time our surprise has less to do with that fact in and of itself, and more to do with the details surrounding it.

Over at the Evil Avatar forums, the news was posted that David "Solid Snake" Hayter is currently in talks with Warner Bros. to write a movie based on, of all things, Lost Planet. While we shouldn't forget that Hayter does have writing expierience, (X-Men 1 & 2) we just can't imagine that there's enough meat on a Capcpm third-person-shooter's bones to actually flesh things out into a feature film. Plus, if this ends up getting off the ground, what kind of significance will the IP have by the time the movie is actually released? Oh well, in Solid Snake we trust.

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