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More undocumented changes found in yesterday's AoC patch

William Dobson

Over the last couple of patches to Age of Conan, there has been a disturbingly lengthy list of changes implemented that were not even hinted at on the official update notes. This trend has continued with Monday's patch, and the game's community has once again pulled together to confirm some of the things that they have found to be different without explanation.

It's not as if these are all terrible, unmentionable nerfs or anything. There are certainly some bugs, but the undocumented changes list also includes good things, such as a quest finally being available for Villa Camillus, and boosted exp for all of the repeatable Villa quests; a number of updates to the graphics of items; and chain kills occurring more frequently (these have seemed fairly random in the past, with the exact same action sometimes giving a bonus and other times not.)

There was also a significant shakeup to the Necromancer feat tree -- with no free respec given, and many existing feat specs being left in impossible setups after the feats were moved -- and it really boggles the mind as to how a change as big as this could be left off the official notes. Can this all be chalked up to bad communication between departments?

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