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Tallyho, guv'na -- UK Smash Showdown at Gamestation

Phil Larsen

If you like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and you happen to live in the UK, then this announcement might have some kind of connection with you. Twenty Gamestation stores across the nation will each be hosting a 64-person Super Smash Bros. Showdown on June 28. This is no slouchy, bored-marketing-guy tournament either. Every winner from every store will take home a 40" Samsung LCD TV and a Samsung Home Theater System, with all the DVD and surround sound trimmings.

Tournaments are great and all, but this one is really something else. The prizes are actually extremely good, and you only need to win six matches to take home the grand prize. Only one Fanboy blogger lives in the UK, but fortunately he is awful at Brawl. In fact, he doesn't even own the game. Or pants.

Register for your local tournament at the official website -- it's probably going to fill up fast, so make like a tree and hurry.


[Via press release]

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