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What is the deal with these Apartment Pets?

Eric Caoili

Off the top of our head, here's a quick list of questions we immediately asked after noticing several odd details with this The Sims 2: Apartment Pets cover:
  • What are those lines on the woman's pants? We swear to Pete, those better not be some damn convertible pants. It is 2008, lady. You should know better.
  • Why is she walking around the building's hallways, puppy in hand, teasing kittens with toys?
  • Is that cat on the bottom right corner cuddling with the PEGI rating? This might be the only creature in the world who has actually taken a liking to the unsightly box.
  • Why didn't this guy block the door when he opened it to grab the morning paper? He could have prevented this gang of animals from spilling out of his apartment.
  • Is that stoic rabbit doing the shoulder lean?
Grab a leash and meet us past the post break for more insightful commentary!


Here is an actual conversation that transpired at the Fanboy offices today as we discussed the strange cover.

Eric: "This woman is giving the guy a flirtatious look -- bedroom eyes and all -- as if she's interested in whatever crazy animal situation he has going on. As if having a romp in this dude's zoo apartment is where she needs to be in life right now."

JC: "And he's looking out at the reader or viewer/shopper/whatever, suggesting a possible ménage à trois situation."

Eric: "More like menagerie à trois, am I right?"

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