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Wii Fit board to fight the "Body by WoW"


There's more than a few of us who have to fight the "Body by WoW." While gamers certainly are not lonely losers, we have to admit several hours of immobile gaming does nothing good for your body. When you check out the above video, jump forward to about the :40 mark. You'll see what these chaps have done for those of us looking to trim some pounds while cruising Azeroth.

As pointed out by Massively, using the Wii Fit board to control your character's motion isn't going to become the new Warcraft SOP. The video demonstrates that you only turn as quickly as a keyboard turner. Still, for solo questing, it's pretty feasible -- if you could hack your Wii hand controls to fire your abilities. Otherwise, good luck face mashing the keyboard. (I'll let you insert your own OP-class jokes here.)

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