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Wii Menu 3.3 update disables Twilight Hack for those who haven't already taken the plunge


Here's an odd one. We assumed Nintendo would be actively building software updates to kill off the Virtual Console-threatening homebrew that has been rapidly spreading to Wiis worldwide, but the Wii Menu 3.3's effect on hackers seems accidental at worst. The word on the street is that if you've already installed the homebrew channel onto your Wii, the 3.3 update will pose zero threat, but it patches up the Twilight Hack hole, meaning virgin consoles will have little hope for homebrew once they've updated to 3.3 -- until someone cracks it, of course. The update also lets you pull Miis from the Mii Plaza to the Mii Parade directly, a time for rejoicing, indeed.

[Thanks, Sean]

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