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    $50 JVC SXXSW6000 5.1 surround system gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Sure, it's easy to get a great sounding system when money ain't a thang, but what if you're on the hunt for a 5.1-channel surround sound system from a company you've heard of in the last decade... and you've only got $50? Enter JVC's SXXSW6000, which is being sold now at Wal-Mart for a staggeringly low $49.88. The critics over at Sound & Vision actually took the plunge and decided to put the incredibly inexpensive system through the paces. Miraculously, reviewers found that the system wasn't nearly as bad as one might expect, even proclaiming that it was "definitely worth $50." Still, the kit had its flaws, particularly when trying to handle loud explosions, throaty voices and any manner of bangs / crashes. All in all, S&V couldn't really knock these guys considering just how cheap they were, but they still recommended that you hold off and save up until you could throw a few Benjamins on a real system.

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