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Ask X3F: DRM Doldrums Edition


After a one week hiatus, Ask X3F returns once again. Where was it last week? Frankly, there just weren't enough questions (or too many questions we aren't equipped to answer). Even this week's batch of questions is fairly small. Still, we must press on, and so we have. After the break, find answers to questions about Xbox 360 controller problems, the upcoming DRM fix and more. Now, start sending more questions!

Got a question for Ask X3F? Maybe you have a story or some information you'd like to share? Send it all to ask [at] xbox360fanboy [dawt] com.

Hey X3F,

I was very excited to read an article a couple of months back regarding a supposed DRM fix for downloaded titles/downloadable content, and I was wondering if you had any updated information about how and more importantly WHEN this DRM fix might be available. If I remember correctly, your article said something about the DRM fix coming in June, and with June nearly half over, I was wondering if Microsoft or Major Nelson were getting into specifics about when all of us 360 owners who've upgraded or had the RRoD (sadly I've had both, and in that order too) can safely and easily, play all of our downloaded content offline again.

I am aware that you can phone Xbox support and have them re-tie your downloads to your new console if you've had the RRoD, but honestly that process is very time consuming, involves communicating with phone support which sometimes has a signinficant language barrier problem, and I've already been told that (at least for now) any arcade titles I purchased on my old 360 would NOT be re-tied to my new elite because of the "liscense agreement" for XBLA games. I've also tried this fix after receiving my new console after my elite RRoD'ed, and that didn't really work either. Frustrating to say the least...

Any info you can provide would be great! Thanks, keep up the great work on the site!


We checked with Microsoft, and the word is that the DRM fix is still scheduled to release this month, so it should be any day now in theory. Unless, of course, it isn't.

What's up with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. rumor Richard posted a while back? Any recent developments? It sounds really interesting and I hear there's a sequel on the way to the PC.


Our email to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developer GSC Gameworld has gone unanswered thus far. We'd say there's definitely something on the way though, as we don't see why the company would go through the trouble of becoming a certified 360 developer if it didn't, you know, plan to develop for it.

Okay, I have had a recurring issue with my 360 controllers. The left analog stick likes to stick EVER SO SLIGHTLY to the left instead of centering. It has happened on two different controllers now and it makes me wonder if it is a wider spread problem (a la anyone else with issues?). No mere coincidence.

What happens is when trying to nudge a character to the left a small amount, it will cause the character to start walking in that direction even after I let go of the analog stick. This isn't a problem in all games, only ones where it is sensitive to that small amount close to the dead zone (the area where you should be able to move the stick with no response). No issues in Bioshock or Halo3, but games like Ninja Gaiden II, Dead Rising, and Crackdown cause me numerous times to fall off a ledge or platform when I only want to move a tiny bit, but end up just strolling along like a moron. Slightly touching the pad again will center it correctly, but this isn't acceptable.

The weird this is is that the physical appearance of the analog stick looks centered just like the right analog stick. Doesn't feel loose, and you couldn't tell by looking. And this is on a controller less than a month old. The original controller came with the XBOX 360 and had the same issues shortly after buying the system. And no, I don't play like some fanatical retard who is always pulling to the left and causing damage, I actually don't play all that much (compared to some). So, anyone else with a similar issue?

We've encountered similar problems before, but never with a new controller. For example, when resellers shrink wrap controllers, sometimes the sticks are wedged in a certain direction. When left this way for a long time, it can permanently screw up the "zero" of the stick (this is a good thing to look out for if anyone out there plans to pick up a used controller, by the way).

If you're honestly not torquing your sticks too hard*, then you may want to make sure that the sticks aren't being pressed when you store your controllers. Beyond that, we're not sure what could be causing the problem. Anyone else out there have the same mysterious problem?

*That wasn't supposed to sound dirty ....

Hey Guys,

My friends and I have been wanting to get some of the McFarlane Halo 3 figures, but have been waiting for the right one. Well...I think we have found it. The blue EOD Spartan that is a Wal-Mart exclusive. It releases sometime in July according to My question is, do you know an exact release date and will they be in limited quantities. We would love to be able to get them the day they come out, especially if they will be limited. Thanks.

GT: Philip JFryrish

Considering we haven't been able to find any figures from the first series at retail stores for over a month, we'd definitely say that wave two will be a limited batch. As for when they will release, we don't have specific info, but according to Amazon, they will release on July 6. That sounds like a sensible date to us.

That's it for this week, folks. Keep sending your questions to: ask [at] xbox360fanboy [dawt] com.

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