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Breaking: 11-year EA vet Neil Young leaves for 'new project'

Newsweek's got the scoop on Neil Young's departure from publishing giant Electronic Arts. The 11-year veteran – who left for an unspecified "new project" and, anecdotally, wowed us at GDC a couple years back – spent his tenure at EA working on everything from Majestic to The Sims 2 to Medal of Honor: Airborne.

Most recently, Young had been working at EA Blueprint working on making new IPs with smaller teams and smaller budgets; in his stead, EA Los Angeles' Louis Castle – who most recently brought us the well received Boom Blox – will take the reins at EA/Blueprint, currently working on the next Spielberg project codenamed LMNO. Level Up has the full email from EA Games Label pres Frank Gibeau announcing Young's departure and detailing the organizational changes.

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