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Firmware 4.00 now available on Network Update


Yesterday, PS3 got a new firmware update (2.36), and today PSP follows suit. This is the big 4.00 update, but unfortunately the biggest addition to this patch is the ability to search Google directly from the XMB. Yay? Here's the official changelog:
  • [Internet Search] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • You can now change viewing speed during video playback by pressing the Up and Down buttons. Use this feature if you want to watch a video quickly, or if you want to slow down playback and listen to the dialogue carefully.
Check out a helpful video overview of the update, after the cut, brought to you by PSPGadgetZ.
No wi-fi? Download the update from us:
Click here to download. Extract EBOOT.PBP file and place in Memory Stick in the PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder.

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