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Gamestop to show you their exclusive Pokemans

Justin McElroy

What's the best way to celebrate the first day of summer? If you said "Trek down to my local Gamestop and claim an exclusive Pokemon," you're either screwing with us or of a very certain persuasion. If you're among the first group, go eat a biggun, we're just trying to do a job here. If you're among the second, then we've got great news for you!

Visitors to Gamestop stores between June 20 and 22 who bring in their DSs and copies of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl will be able to attain Deoxys, an exclusive "legendary character with transformative powers and an impressive set of battle-ready moves." The critter will also be able from the 27-29 of June, though if there's an event that can take you from the sort of person who wouldn't go to Gamestop to get an exclusive Pokemon to the sort of person that would in the span of a week, we don't know about it.

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