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Microsoft to support second coming of E for All

Jason Dobson

Microsoft, along with numerous other heavyweights including Sony, Capcom, and Sega, balked at last year's E for All, leaving Nintendo and a handful of others to show off their wares to those who could trouble themselves long enough to attend. Now, after turning its back on IDG's 'not-quite-E3' public gathering in 2007, Microsoft has had a change of heart, throwing its considerable weight behind this year's edition as the event's first confirmed exhibitor.

IDG CEO Mary Dolaher noted in a statement that the organizer is "thrilled" to have Microsoft on board, and that it looks for the company's presence at the show to help improve upon the previous year's "great success." Even so, one exhibitor does not a great convention make, and while Dolaher notes that more participants will be revealed in the weeks ahead, it remains to be seen what other companies will join Microsoft around the E for All campfire this October 3-5.

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