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NDA broken! Endwar beta video leaked online [update 2]

Dustin Burg

Update 2: Ubisoft's lawyer-ninjas have swooped in and taken care of the video leakage. Nothing to see here folks.

We probably didn't make it clear that this leaked Endwar beta video isn't our original work and was actually sent to us as a tip. We just figured we'd pass it along. Never would we intentionally break an NDA agreement, especially one enacted by Ubisoft and their well paid lawyers.

Sit back, watch and marvel at what enjoyment a broken non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can bring with the embedded video above. Yup, it's a ten minute introductory video (off-screen, but we can deal) of what Tom Clancy's Endwar is all about. It's the definitive Endwar beta experience that non-beta participates always wanted! Enough talky, more watchy ...

[Thanks, Derka]

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