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Chris Chester

When we last reported on Warhammer Online's pre-order foibles, we knew that the confusion was far from over. There were too many variables going into the distribution of those promotional codes for everything to go strictly according to plan. Predictably, there's some confusion coming in the wake of WAR Europe's announcement that would soon be distributing the pre-order packs, which include the codes for the Open Beta, the head start, and the exclusive in-game items.

The problem is, European customers who ordered through Play have evidently been hearing differently from customer service. Today some European staffers have finally gotten on top of the problem, explaining that their distribution partners (who act as intermediaries between EA Mythic and Play) were the ones who had informed them the pre-order goodness was going out soon. Apparently some wires were crossed, and people are hearing different information. They've promised to get the situation sorted out promptly.

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