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Sony Ericsson's TM506 for T-Mobile spied in FCC pages


We normally throw FCC goodness your way on Friday, but on occasion we can't help spilling the beans when they do. Today's treat seems to be a Sony Ericsson handset called the TM506, which, from outward appearances looks to be a clone of the Z780, but packs a wee bit of AWS love under its hood. Bedecked with T-Mobile branding and packed with goodies like Bluetooth, A-GPS, some type of camera, dual-band GSM, 1700 / 2100 WCDMA, and all wrapped in an alluring metallic green housing. Nice of Sony Ericsson to tack the TM -- which we're guessing stands for T-Mobile -- onto its set, perhaps this is evidence of Sony Ericsson attempting to rekindle a relationship after many years of nothing doing? Now that Sony Ericsson's doing its part, all we need is T-Mobile to follow suit with some fresh 3G airwaves for this to ride on. Go team.

[Via PhoneScoop]

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