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Tecmo seeks to gag Itagaki with suppression order


Following the very public resignation of Tomonobu Itagaki two weeks ago, Tecmo has appealed to the Tokyo District Court seeking to restrict Itagaki from making further public remarks about ... any and every -thing that begins was a capital "T" ands ends with an "ecmo." The company filed with the court last Tuesday, June 10, but has yet to receive a verdict, Famitsu reports. The gag order seeks to prohibit Itagaki from:
  1. Disclosing, destroying or leaking Tecmo's trade secrets, especially those concerning software, development and marketing
  2. Making false or misleading statements about Tecmo's business policies and strategies, or criticizing games developed by other Tecmo employees
  3. Making defamatory remarks to damage Tecmo's reputation
  4. Making public statements about Tecmo, or accepting media invitations (e.g., interviews) to discuss Tecmo while still employed (until July 1) by the company
No word yet on whether or not Tecmo has ordered up an additional 300 gags. But buying in bulk certainly saves time and money.

[Big thanks to Ittousai over at Engadget Japan for his translation work!]

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