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The Bling Gnome in action!


The Bling Gnome will save your ass. Not THAT kind of ass! The kind of ass you ride on -- it won't have to carry you back to town. So you'll be saving it from all that hard work of carting your loot back and forth. Because, really, in he greater scheme of things, who wants trash loot anyway? Players who buy the retail box version of soon-to-be launched satirical fantasy action-adventure MMO, Dungeon Runners, will wonder how they ever did without their very own Bling Gnome to eat up all the trash loot and excrete creamy, golden goodness. After viewing this bling-filled teaser for the Diminutive Master of Bling, you'll wonder how you ever lived life without it. Real life. Heck, there's no need to even go to the store for one, when we're giving them away for free! How's that again? Bling Gnomes for FREE? Watch the clip and sign the slip. Word.

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