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Zootfly footage helped sell Ghostbusters revival

Jason Dobson

With Terminal Reality now holding onto development of Ghostbusters like a charged particle accelerator, most eyes have turned away from Zootfly's unlicensed Ghostbusters tech demo footage that leaked into the wild earlier this year. Most, but not all, as Terminal Reality boss Mark Randel admits that Zootfly's efforts actually helped release the concept from the containment system.

"What Zootfly did for us, inadvertently, is help sell the concept," said Randel in an interview with OXM. "When their footage came out, we were close to our green-light meeting, and when the executives saw the reaction from the fans, they immediately knew, 'Hey, Ghostbusters is going to be a big hit - we need to put this game into production.'" We doubt any of this will help Zootfly devs sleep at night -- though we advise if anyone asks if they're a god, they still say "Yes!"

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