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Elite ROM for Touch Diamond promises dramatic speed boost; new official ROM, too?

Chris Ziegler

Sluggish Touch Diamond performance got you down? We can think of at least a few Americans that wish they had to worry about it, but HTC's infinite wisdom in leaving out GSM 850 and HSDPA 850 / 1900 leaves that crowd with bigger problems on its hands. The rest of you, though, might want to have a look at one of the latest fruits to fall out of the xda-developer tree -- the "Elite 1.0" ROM image for the Touch Diamond, featuring a handful of tweaks to streamline things (Welcome Center gets the boot, for instance), enabled HSUPA, and a newer version of the .NET Compact Framework that allegedly all but solves the crappy performance some owners and reviewers have been complaining about. This is about as unofficial as it gets, of course, so proceed with your own risk.

Separately, it seems that Touch Diamonds now hitting shops should be loaded with a slightly newer official ROM than the build passed around on the first batch of review units, and Coolsmartphone reports that it's faster. Not quite as streamlined as the Elite ROM seems to be, but hey, if you prefer to roll on the straight and narrow, it sounds like HTC has you covered.

[Thanks, Aaron K.]

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