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G'zOne Boulder materials leak out piecemeal

Chris Ziegler

Verizon's G'zOne devices from Casio seems to attract a small but fiercely loyal following, mainly on account of their everything-proof shells (let's be honest, we don't think it's the VGA camera that's been drawing 'em in). Rugged and PTT go hand-in-hand -- just ask Nextel -- so it's great news that the next G'zOne will be supporting Verizon's new EV-DO Rev. A-based push-to-talk infrastructure out of the box. We've managed to score a couple pieces of miscellany pertaining to the so-called Boulder, most importantly a diagram pointing out some of the phone's distinctive features. Just how distinctive are we talking about here? Well, if you look for another phone in Verizon's lineup with a screw-lock battery cover and charging contacts outside of the G'zOne series, we guarantee you're not going to find one. One difference between the Boulder and its Casio brethren, though, is that we're told this one looks "significantly slimmer." Another shot shows the back of the real, actual phone; no renders this time, we promise -- check it out after the break.

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