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SecureMac identifies first ARDAgent-based trojan

Robert Palmer

SecureMac has identified AppleScript.THT, a trojan-horse type virus of malware that exploits a Apple Remote Desktop Agent vulnerability publicized earlier this week that can "allow a malicious user complete access to the system."

The malware is distributed as a compiled AppleScript, named ASthtv05, or an application bundle named AStht_v06. The files are 60K and 3.1MB in size, respectively.

Users must download and run the scripts in order for their computer to become infected. The trojan will install itself in the /Library/Caches folder, and will set itself to run at startup.

To protect yourself, use extreme caution when running AppleScript files or applications sent to you in an email, or downloaded from the internet.

While we can't say for sure that these are the same people that developed this malware, you can read about the evolution of a very similar exploit script here, including a June 14th mention of the ARDAgent vulnerability. Very depressing.

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