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Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 10 launches to the live servers

Michael Zenke

Early this morning the live servers for SOE's Star Wars Galaxies went down, fans quieted for a specific purpose. Chapter 10 arrives today, bringing with it a whole new array of content designed for characters across all level ranges. You can find official patch notes on the game's website. The biggest addition to the game is the Meatlump complex, a dungeon aimed for characters level 55 and up. It was a bit unclear initially who would be able to take part, but it looks like even max-level Jedi will find quests at their level in the challenging tunnels.

The other major element coming in this patch is the new Looking For Group system. You can tweak your own profile in numerous different ways, and then go searching out fellow adventurers to take on the dangers of the Galaxy Far, Far Away. An in-party teleportation system, tweaks to a few of the professions, and some minor adjustments to the Mustafar instance system all round out this newest patch. If you've already checked out the Meatlump lair or the LFG tool, let us know what you think of it.

Plus! Next week is the five-year anniversary of Star Wars Galaxies. Be sure to check back with for celebratory features and a few surprises!

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