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Study finds that we're all arrogant jerks, can probably fix its own damn iPod next time

Nilay Patel

Hey you -- yeah, you. The one reading this here gadget site. You know what? You're a jerk. A complete kneebiter. That's the conclusion of a recent study conducted by Mindset Media and Nielsen Research, which evaluated the "mindsets" of 25,000 American adults and found that technology fans scored high on such traits as leadership, "dynamism" and assertiveness, but had low marks in modesty and could be perceived as arrogant and conceited by others. That's fine by us -- we're not going to turn down leadership for being well-liked, after all -- but we've got a feeling those survey results are going to change as soon as someone at Nielsen needs his or her printer drivers updated. Obligatory Nick Burns video after the break.

[Thanks, Benjamin; hoodie from ThinkGeek]

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