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Dis is a deal: Disgaea 3 $50 at launch


Hardcore SRPG fans love the Disgaea franchise. PS3 owners should be happy to know that the next iteration of the franchise, Absence of Justice, is a PS3 exclusive. Even better than that, the game will launch at $50, instead of the usual $60 we see for most current generation games.

We're glad NIS America is giving us a discount on what will undoubtedly become a cult classic. It may not have the best "next gen" graphics, but at least it's not asking us to pay a "next gen" price as well. We can approve. Expect it on August 26th.

Fans should check out the official site and vote on their favorite songs from the franchise. The top choices will be included in a pre-order bonus soundtrack, making the deal even sweeter.

[Via NeoGAF]

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