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DJ Sega hits the airwaves with World Destruction radio show

Phil Larsen

World Destruction isn't just a game. Apparently, Sega wants to create a worldwide media onslaught of WD information. There's the standard JRPG in development, a TV-destroying anime, and even comics hitting the stores. To assault all your senses, a weekly web radio show has now been announced, to begin airing on July 3rd.

The show will be a blog of sorts, with various members of development staff coming in every Thursday to discuss project updates and reveal detailed World Destruction information. Voice actors Furuya Toru and Yuuko Kobayashi will be hosting, and producer Youiti Shimosato will be the go-to guy for any specific questions.

It's all in Japanese, so that's kind of a problem. Minor setback -- go ahead and tune in anyway. In order to learn a new language, you need to listen to it at least once, right?


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