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It's November or nothin' for Nerf N-Strike


Well, November or some other time or nothin', but we really wanted to use the old Nerf tagline, you know? In their original press release revealing Nerf N-Strike, EA assigned it a fall release window. A new listing on for the game provides a more definite release date: November 17, which puts it right in the middle of the holiday release season. If this is the real release date, it could mean that EA intends for Nerf N-Strike to be one of their major Wii releases for the year!

In addition to the release date, GameStop also offers a potential price for the game, which also includes the mindblowing Nerf gun/Wii Zapper hybrid: $59.99. No matter how awesome the gun is (and it looks way awesome), that game had better be vast for that kind of scratch.

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