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Metareview -- Alone in the Dark (Euro edition)


Early reviews of Atari's anticipated frightfest, Alone in The Dark, have generated quite a bit of controversy. A couple of 3/10s will do that, most of all when the publisher's scorn comes from the suspicion that said European articles were based on preview or pirated code. Though several other sites have now chimed in with their thoughts and less dire scores, Eden's efforts seem to have fallen just short of the game's ambition and promise. It seems everybody wanted to love Alone in The Dark, but had their feelings rebuked by clumsy controls and obvious padding to the game's length.
  • Xbox World 360 (73/100): "As much as Alone In The Dark deserves to be criticised for its problems, it equally deserves to be lavished with praise for some outstanding ideas and set-pieces. A gracious failure, AITD should stand as a lesson for other developers to see what they should be striving for."
  • Eurogamer (70/100): "The problem is that every time you get excited about Alone in the Dark, it shuts you down. At times it's akin to Atari's Boiling Point: Road To Hell of three years ago; throw any score on the ten-point scale and it will stick to something, but there's so much friction on the lower end that it's often impossible to pull away and remember when you brushed past genius. You want to love it, but it just keeps letting you down, and in the end that's the impression that sticks to the wall and stays there."
  • (50/100): "The game can be compared to an aggressive puppy without potty training. You want to keep him so badly, but every time it seems to go right, it bites, scratches and shits on your carpet." (Translation)

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