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Stand-alone MGO planned for Japan


For some people, Metal Gear Online is a nice extra that comes on the same disc as Metal Gear Solid 4. For others – which we refrain from calling crazy – MGO is actually more exciting to them than Kojima's blockbuster single-player game.

For those weirdos gamers who fall into the strictly MGO camp, Konami has announced plans to make the online multiplayer game based on MGS available as its own, stand-alone product ... in Japan. The disc will set buyers back $17 and be content-identical to the client that comes on MGS4's biggie-sized 50GB Blu-ray disc. MGO is set to receieve a number of gameplay and content updates in the coming months, including new characters, items, and maps.

We've contacted Konami for any word – good or bad – on the stand-alone MGO's prospects of coming Stateside via PSN or other delivery methods. No word back yet, but we wouldn't count a PSN release out.

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