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Bungie serves up new Cold Storage screens

Dustin Burg

Late last night as part of the Bungie Weekly Update, the Bungie gang finally acknowledged Halo 3's Cold Storage map on (up until now, we only knew about it via MLG's coverage) by releasing two gorgeous new Cold Storage screenshots of which are in the gallery below. Note the yellow juice in the right take, we speculate that it's some sort of Flood sterilization fluid, but can't be sure. Though, one thing we are sure of is that it isn't lemonade. Another thing we're sure of is that we're super excited to get our hands on Cold Storage due to our account of fond Chill Out memories from back during the days of Halo:CE. And if you're the numbers type, we recommend making the jump to read some very mathematical Battle Rifle analysis which includes number crunching, MS Paint diagrams and arithmetic. Did we mention bobble-heads? The Bungie Weekly Update has bobble-heads too.


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