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Midsummer Fun: Torch Tossing

Alex Ziebart

If you've been in Shattrath or one of your faction's capital cities, you've likely been directed to the Master Fire Eater by one NPC or another to learn something from him. When you meet the fellow, he decides you need some practice and a bit of a test before you become a Master Juggler yourself!

Torch Tossing is his first test out of two. It is far, far easier than the one that follows it, so don't get cocky if you dominate this one! If you look around the area where you find this quest, you will probably see a set of braziers forming a W shape. These will be your targets. Your ammunition will be a set of Practice Torches. Keep in mind that as soon as you accept the quest, your timer will begin. Before you accept, try to get your camera and yourself pointed in the right direction, and stay near the bonfire or you won't be able to toss your torches.

A Hunter's Mark-esque arrow will appear above one brazier at a time. That's the brazier that you should be aiming for, and every few seconds this mark will move to a new one. Use your torches, target that brazier with the targeting circle, and throw! The targeting circle is small and might take some getting used to, so don't worry if you fail the first (or even the second) time. Another really good tip is to hotkey these torches; place them on your action bar. Being able to push 2 and target the brazier is much easier than clicking on the torches each time. It'll save you precious seconds needed to complete this quest in the allotted time frame.

You only need to hit 8 braziers, so if you've hit a good rhythm, you've probably sealed a safe victory. The reward for your excellent tossing ability is five Burning Blossoms and access to your next test.

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