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Vanguard's Gnomes of MEST to celebrate the fourth of July

Michael Zenke

The folks at SOE wanted to be sure we knew about Vanguard's upcoming 4th of July event. The Gnomes of Mekalia have a mad on for science, and they're going to show us what they can do with their mad science in the sky. In honor of the holiday, the gnomes are holding the Mekalian Extravaganza of Science and Technology (known to most as MEST). The event was originally slated to begin on June 24th, but has now been delayed until later in the week. Just the same the explosions should begin on the live servers sometime thiscoming week.

To participate, you're going to want to head to New Targonor, Khal, Ahgram, or Tanvu to catch up with one of the Heralds of Telon. They've got a special goodies. It's an event everyone from soloers up to raiders can enjoy, because the quests are geared for every playstyle. They even reward Ancient Platinum Coins, which will help people working towards their racial mounts! For the full monty head to the outskirts of Mekalia to check out the Gnomish festival. The Pyrotechnics Experts, Arcane Investigators, Size Analysts, and the Flight Researchers all have quests that will get you into the spirit of the holiday. Enjoy the show!

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