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Honeywell offers Crystal series subwoofer cable

Steven Kim

Okay, it's not "self-healing" or anything like that, but Honeywell has added subwoofer interconnects to its Crystal Series of HT cabling products. Subwoofer cables are pretty standard fare, but we've got to give credit to Honeywell for not over-inflating the marketing hype. With the low bandwidth requirements and run lengths that tend to be on the long side (and often next to power cords), shielding is probably the most important design consideration for subwoofer interconnects; and true to form, that's exactly what the press blurb emphasizes. The 100-percent foil shield combined with a 95-percent tinned copper braid should do a good job of keeping the hum out. The cables come complete with the requisite 24-karat gold plated RCA terminations in 5- and 10-meter lengths. No info on pricing -- hopefully the lack of marketing hype around the product nets some savings at the register.

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