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Japanese hardware sales, June 9 - June 15: C-C-C-C-Combo breaker edition

The gaming journalism world is an ever-changing maelstrom of high-stress deadlines and headline-making breaking news, so it should come as no surprise that we here at Joystiq absolutely adore routine. Like a freshly-fluffed down pillow, we find comfort in mundane repetition, as it so rarely comes our way. For nearly three months now, we've sat down to compile the sales figures of consoles in Japan, and as sure as the turning of the tide, Sony's gaming handheld would come out on top. It was a simplistic sort of routine, and one we found great solace in.

Alas, this repetition is no more -- with the recent release of a particular cutscene-laden stealth title came an onslaught of PlayStation 3 purchases; a swell that billowed above the trustworthy handheld, cascading over its unsuspecting crown. Will the new king hold down the fort in the following weeks? It is too soon to tell, but regardless, the damage is done. The PS3 has burgled this week's link from the PSP's expansive chain -- and as any blacksmith worth his salt will tell you, a chain with a missing link is not a chain at all, but rather, multiple smaller chains. Unless that link was at the beginning or end of the chain, then we guess it's still a chain. Blacksmiths say that kind of stuff all the time.

Yes, the c-c-c-c-combo is broken. It lies sundered, torn in twain -- as do our hearts.

- PS3: 75,311 64,455 (593.73%)
- PSP: 62,016 2,659 (4.29%)
- Wii: 45,564 925 (2.07%)
- DS Lite: 39,201 4,181 (11.94%)
- PS2: 7,297 1,018 (16.21%)
- Xbox 360: 2,163 117 (5.13%)

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