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UFC 2009 Undisputed trailer shows advances in sweat rendering

We love watching guys pummel each other into a gooey pulp just as much as the next group of gaming bloggers, but we've never understood the appeal of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Sure, a no-holds barred brawl in an octagonal cage of death sounds delightful, but we've found that many of these televised matches quickly end up turning into a bro-hug festival.

However, very few bro-hugs are featured in the above trailer for THQ's UFC 2009 Undisputed -- though there are bro-punches, bro-kicks and bro-body slams abound. True fans of the sport will no doubt be pleased by the trailer's accurate portrayal of a UFC match, though considering the lukewarm reception of most pre-existing UFC titles, we wouldn't blame them for being a cautious lot. Could THQ's offering be the first worthy contender in that narrow genre, or will it, like a flimsy-fisted first-time brawler, be forced to tap out?

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