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Dead Space loses limbs thanks to 'Strategic Dismemberment'

Jason Dobson

Life aboard the Ishimura is rough. The food is lousy, the company's worse, and the endless screams make it just impossible to get a good night's sleep. While some might deal with these issues by writing a letter or turning to pills, spaceship engineer Isaac Clarke, the protagonist in EA's Dead Space, has decided to take care of things his own way -- by cutting anything in his path to ribbons.

EA has released this new gameplay video demonstrating Clarke's unique way of getting things done using a method referred to by Dead Space executive producer, Glen Schofield, as "strategic dismemberment." It's a fancy term for taking enemies apart "limb by limb." As Clarke slices and dices the Ishimura's resident nasties, called Necromorphs, Schofield notes that they will continue to fight back in true Ninja Gaiden II style, sometimes requiring more creative weapons like the stasis or telekinesis guns. Dead Space is shaping up to be one of this Fall's more interesting releases -- we're looking forward to gutting our way through Necromorph hordes this Halloween.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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