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Good news for Apple: Android delays expected


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google's mobile phone platform, Android, is experiencing delays that may move the launch of Android-based phones into early 2009.

In a Monday article about the delays, the WSJ noted that at the launch of Android last November it was expected that the new breed of smartphones would appear in the second quarter of 2008. Due to developmental difficulties, the first carrier to have an Android-based phone -- T-Mobile -- may not see one until the fourth quarter. Google is focused on the T-Mobile launch, which is causing further delays for other partners such as Sprint Nextel and China Mobile.

What does this mean for Apple? A lot of good things. By the fourth quarter of 2008 or early 2009, the iPhone 3G, App Store, and development for iPhone will be well established, with tens of millions of the inexpensive handsets sold. It also points out the intelligence of Apple in owning all pieces of the puzzle -- hardware, software, development, and software distribution -- instead of relying on various open source development teams and numerous hardware partners.

Apple's won this battle, and things are looking good for winning the handset war.

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