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Help choose the anniversary painting for Star Wars Galaxies

Michael Zenke

Star Wars Galaxies' Community Manager Valara has dropped some pretty impressive pieces of art into posts on the official forums today. In honor of the game's fifth anniversary, the SWG team is letting the player community pick what the next piece of in-game art will look like. A contest has been ongoing there on the forums since the beginning of the month, and now the options are down to just six entrants - three rebel and three imperial. Forum-goers are being encouraged to participate in polls to determine which image will be picked for each side.

The above "March to Restuss" piece looks like its winning handily on the Rebel side. The pieces "United in our Cause" and "A Day Long Remembered" are neck and neck on the Imperial side. Check them all out in our gallery below, and then go vote for your favorite!

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