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MobileMe browser requirements page found

Cory Bohon

Joining in on the conversation about tonight's .Mac outage, reader Chad sent us a link to a page he discovered on .Mac. He said that while trying to access his .Mac service on his iPhone, he was redirected to a MobileMe browser requirements page. One of the suspicious things on the page is the fact that "calendar" is spelled wrong (i.e. "calender"). You can see a screen grab of the page after the break.

The page in question shows Safari as the top browser to use, followed by Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7. On last night's talkcast (MP3 Link) Michael Rose, Robert Palmer, and I talked about the possibility of Apple marketing the Safari browser for Windows users through the MobileMe service. It looks as if that guess is true.

Thanks, Chad!

Update: Apple has updated the page (see new screenshot after the break).

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