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Penguin 24X cases: Back in black (and blue)

Eric Caoili

When we first featured Penguin United's Game Card Collection Pouch a year ago, the online accessory retailer sold out of its stock quick and didn't expect that there was enough demand to warrant another larger print run.

Since then, however, on the strength of the case's buzz and positive reviews, Penguin has not only printed several additional runs, but the company even released a special edition cart wallet for its supporters at the Cheap Ass Gamer community. Penguin's newest editions, black and blue, look like the best versions of the case yet!

Available for $10.99 (plus s/h), the pouches hold up to 24 Nintendo DS carts in its transparent pages. They also include Penguin United's chubby mascot on the cover, a lovable feature that no other case can claim.


[Via CAG]

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