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PES 2009 corners into Europe this Autumn

As some of us pour one out for our fallen countrymen of Portugal, Croatia, Netherlands and Italy, we take solace in the fact that digital soccer football will return to Europe this Autumn. Konami today announced that its popular football franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer, will release its 2009 edition later this year for European consumers. Known for its realism and hardcore gamplay, PES 2009 attempts to capture videophiles with a newly revamped graphics engine and standard pitch-perfect (see what we did there?) animation. While PES 2008 was riddled with wacky bugs, the 2009 season promises to bring the series back to its roots of being the football game to beat. No release dates for other regions have been determined. If it's half as good as they claim it to be, all we can say is hurry!

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