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PotBS 1.4 patch survey results and what players can expect in 1.5

Matt Warner

Flying Lab Software makers of Pirates of the Burning Sea listen to their players, the developers really do! A player survey went live shortly after the1.4 patch, and after a few weeks of data-mining the feedback FLS is responding in a big way. In this latest dev-log by Joe Ludwig, Producer for PotBS, 55% polled in the survey said they prefer to focus their playing time on PvP, 58% from that group said that most of that time is spent on missions or economic activities. Developer logs show that players are repeating high level missions to afford ships and outfitting for PvP gameplay.

To address this "time-sink" an insurance system will be added in the 1.5 patch. This means players will receive 90% of the minimum production cost and permanent outfitting when losing their ship. The other deterrent to keep players from PvP is the itemization gap. Starting in 1.5 all permanent outfitting is player-craftable, including green items and will also undergo balance changes. With these two barriers alleviated PvP will become more accessible to a broader audience.

Players who do not enjoy PvP and would instead rather focus on PvE won't be left out either. Fortaleza da Luz, the first level 50 epic mission is coming in the 1.5 patch. And starting in 1.6 PotBS will be jumping on the daily-quest bandwagon as well with new once-a-day repeatable missions. The Buccaneer career was added in the 1.4 patch, and half the people who are now playing Buccaneers were playing Pirates before. 85% polled said they will continue playing as a Buccaneer.

The unrest system polled highly unpopular, to help address criticisms by increasing the amount of unrest earned in a six hour period time by four times the amount it was in 1.4. Both attacks and defenders can start putting supplies into the system at zero unrest as well. Last, the amount of unrest required to create a red circle has been reduced. User Content 2.0 polled highly popular with the players, the FLS team plans on streamlining the process with further improvements planned in the 1.6 patch.

Phew! Overall it looks like the patch survey is a rousing success, and it's nice to see the developer interaction with their community on this level.

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