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Rumor: PS3 'trophy' screen leaked, looks like Gamercard

PS3 Fanboy got a handful of tips this evening, purportedly sharing some screens of the PS3's long-promised "trophy" system, the console's would-be Gamerscore equivalent. From the looks of these screens – which have a couple things going for them: they're not blurry and that Clank avatar is real – the trophy system includes something that strongly resembles a Gamercard, including total number of trophies gathered along with a "Level" ostensibly gathered by collecting trophies of varying values.

PS3 Fanboy has a couple more pics, along with some extra rumors regarding the console's in-game XMB ("some things will require you to leave the game"), but we're guessing we won't know anything for sure until E3 rolls around next month. What say ye, internet detectives?

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