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Sony intros STR-DG520, STR-DG720 and STR-DG820 AV receivers

Darren Murph

Sony's got a new trio of AV receivers to get your work week started, and we'll hit 'em up in order of least fancy to most. The entry-level STR-DG520 (5 x 100-watts) packs a two-in / one out HDMI switcher with 1080p24 pass-through, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, Cinema Studio EX processing and the company's Digital Media Port. Moving on up, the STR-DG720 (7 x 100-watts) includes a three-in / one-out HDMI repeater, 1080p24 / x.v.Color support, the ability to accept multi-channel HD audio as well as eight-channel Linear PCM and BRAVIA Sync to boot. The flagship STR-DG820 steps things up even further with four HDMI 1.3 inputs and one output, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, Cinema Studio EX and Neural-THX Surround processing and a 7 x 100-watt amplifier. Check the read link for more details on each, but you'll be forced to take a stab of your own at pricing.

Update: These were a European announcement. USers already had 'em.

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