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Verizon's new PTT: presence support, more contacts

Chris Ziegler

Training materials from Verizon break down the nitty gritty on just what makes its new EV-DO Rev. A-based push-to-talk network better than the outgoing 1xRTT-based system, and apart from a totally unnecessary cameo by the "Can you hear me now?" guy, it's pretty enlightening. First, we learn that users will now be able to rock 500 individual contacts, 100 group contacts, and 50 contacts per group, up from 150, 50, and 20, respectively. As we've known, it'll also support presence, meaning callers will know whether you're available to annoy everyone around you before they hit the button. The slides on the two launch devices -- the Motorola V750 Adventure and Casio G'zOne Boulder -- don't reveal much new information, but we do see here that the black / silver version of the Boulder will be available with or without a camera for companies that like to clamp down on those sorts of things. See the rest after the break.

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