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Cracking safes, taking names

Phil Larsen

Just watch any old thief movie to be infused with a great sense of power. Laugh heartily as a sexy babe or handsome badass steals millions right from under some chump's nose, then boldly exclaim "Ha! I could do that!". Well, probably not, so Safecracker is for those who dream big but don't particularly want to go to prison.

You play the role of some safe expert who is hired by a family to search the mansion of their dear old (dead) dad, Duncan Adams. There are 35 safes to crack in total, so you'll need to explore the mansion to find Adams' last will and testament -- then fork it over to the spoiled brats in his family. Fat chance!

Safecracker was originally a PC adventure game, much like this, that, And Then There Were None. The Wiimote works perfectly for pointage and clickage, so any puzzle aficianodos can look out for this one in Q3 2008.

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