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Exclusive Overlord PS3 content detailed ... on the day of release

Jem Alexander

Hear that? Silence. That's the sound you hear when the hype train is nowhere near you. Overlord hasn't had a particularly trumpeted release and have kept the PS3's exclusive content pretty close to their chest. Perhaps a little too close to their chest. Only today, on the day of release, do we know what extra stuff fills the game's Blu-ray.

The PS3 version contains new levels (one new level for each of the game's five kingdoms) and enemies, as well as new features such as 7.1 surround sound support. There's also a new online co-op mode, online head-to-head battles and "enhanced visuals." To top it off there's also a new mini map and hints and tips which pop up throughout the game to prevent the player from getting stuck. Not a bad update, really. It certainly makes the game more tempting, whether you've already played it on the 360/PC or not.

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