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Lian-Li's Tyr X2000 HTPC / gaming chassis towers in black

Darren Murph

Whether this gem is as sexy as OrigenAE's LCD-equipped chassis is certainly debatable, but there's no denying at least some level of hotness here. The towering Tyr X2000 enclosure was designed to keep your gaming / HTPC components safe and net favorable glances from those privileged enough to enter your abode. The unique design enables owners to access optical / hard drives from the sides, and there's plenty of room to store those Family Guy re-runs with six hot-swappable RAID SATA bays. You'll also find a few more absurd specifications such as room for eight PCI cards, enough fans to cool a small dorm room and support for a water cooling system. Mum's the word on pricing, but c'mon, you can't look at this thing and honestly believe it'll be anything near cheap.

[Via HotHardware]

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