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Podcast Rodeo for June 24: One without ear

Justin McElroy

Yeah, that's right, two weeks in a row. We're sore from patting ourselves on the back. So, are we going to have a big parade and a cake party, or are we going to start talking about some podcasts?

Yeah, we thought so.

CAG Foreplay: As fond as we are of our own New Games this Week feature, it has some significant drawbacks. 1. You have to read it with your eyes and 2. There are no girls there. Cheap Ass Gamer's Foreplay has us beat in those regards, rich as it is in both audio and females, in the form of Mrs. Shipwreck, half of the marital casting duo. This week, they have a fight over Frogger, it's really quite sweet.

GFW Radio: Longtime Rodeoids know that the always excellent GFW Radio is part of our bread and butter. On this week's episode, we say goodbye to host Sean Malloy, but say hello to "Chuff Love," a new feature that follows the romantic misadventures of co-host Anthony Gallegos. Oh, and, at some point, games are discussed. We promise.

Superhappyfuntimeshow: Within the first few seconds of episode 25 of the Superhappyfuntimeshow, there's a clip from Waiting For Guffman. Well done. But a few moments later, the hosts try to assert that growling "Metal Gear?" when any discussion of Metal Gear begins isn't funny. Which is wrong, because it totally is. So we agree with them, but we don't. What does that make us as listeners? Engaged. Oh, but be forewarned: There is a lot of yelling.

Bionic Commando Podcast: This one's a little older, but if you're a podcast nerd, the opportunity to hear former Gamespotter and current Giant Bomber Jeff Gerstmann in a podcast with 1UP's Garnett Lee and Shane Bettenhausen is too good to pass up. This is, apparently, what it's like when world's collide. (Also, there's a lot of swearing when worlds collide. Go figure.)

OK, that'll do it for this week. Oh, and if you want to get your show on the Rodeo, email rodeo aat joystiq dawt com. We'll listen, we promise.

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